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SPAD detectors are very promising for astrophysical applications. Large arrays are crucial to cover as much of the focal plane as possible. ST-Microelectronics has developed various monolithic arrays of SPAD. At present, the manufacturing of 5× 5 arrays (each with an active area of 40 µm and pitch between adjacent pixels of 240 µm) is completed and improvements in terms of pixels and technology are under study and development. An appropriate cryogenic system to host the packaged SPAD arrays and detection electronics to drive them have been designed and realized. Electro-optical characteristics of various arrays in different operating conditions have been measured and the obtained results are presented herein.
Springer, Dordrecht
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2006

Massimiliano Belluso, Giovanni Bonanno, Sergio Billotta, Antonio Calì, Salvatore Scuderi, Massimo Cataldo Mazzillo, Piergiorgio G Fallica, Delfo Sanfilippo, Giovanni Condorelli, Emilio Sciacca, Salvatore Lombardo

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Pages: 469-474
Scientific detectors for astronomy 2005