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US Patent on MOx-based gas sensor and manufacturing method thereof

The Patent is based on the application of a newly-conceived TiO

Green Ammonia Cycle: EU H2020-Project TELEGRAM aiming for efficient electrochemical technologies

IMM-CNR is coordinating a Horizon H2020 project that is expected to demonstrate at the laboratory scale a complete green ammonia carbon-neutral energy cycle.

To achieve this target two critical technologies will be developed, based on electrochemistry: the electrochemical synthesis of ammonia powered by renewable energy sources, and NH3 powered fuel cells for electricity generation. Both these two technological steps will be investigated, and the challenges related to intermittent renewable energy sources will be also addressed. The partners, from Italy, Germany and Sweden, plan to implement a demonstrator including an electrochemical ammonia reactor powered by a renewable energy source, and a direct ammonia fuel cell. The project runs for three years and half and it is founded with 3.4 million euros.


Open Call for Special Issue - Nanomaterials

For further information, please visit:

Call for papers on Photoactive Perovskite and related Materials. Deadline for submission 31 July 2021

We announce the special issue on the peer reviewed journal Nanomaterials

Ge chalcogenide Special Issue open call

This special issue will cover advances in Ge chalcogenides synthesis tec


The International Conference on Silicon Carbide and R

WODIM 2016, the 19th Workshop on Dielectrics in Microelectronics

WODIM 2016 has taken place from 27-30 June 2016 at the Hotel Baia Verde,


Materials.it 2016 will be the first Italian National Conference on M