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Design and characterization of a new generation of single-photon avalanche diodes (SPAD) array, manufactured by ST-Microelectronics in Catania, Italy, are presented. Device performances, investigated in several experimental conditions and here reported, demonstrate their suitability in many applications. SPADs are thin p-n junctions operating above the breakdown condition in Geiger mode at low voltage. In this regime a single charged carrier injected into the depleted layer can trigger a self-sustaining avalanche, originating a detectable signal. Dark counting rate at room temperature is down to 10 s -1 for devices with an active area of 10 mum in diameter, and 10 3 s -1 for those 50 mum wide. SPAD quantum efficiency, measured in the range 350-1050 nm, can be comparable to that of a typical silicon based detector and reaches the values of about 50% at 550 nm. Finally, the low production costs and the …
Publication date: 
16 Jul 2008

Salvatore Tudisco, Francesco Musumeci, Luca Lanzano, Agata Scordino, Simona Privitera, Angelo Campisi, Luigi Cosentino, Giovanni Condorelli, Paolo Finocchiaro, Giorgio Fallica, Salvatore Lombardo, Massimo Mazzillo, Delfo Sanfilippo, Emilio Sciacca

Biblio References: 
Volume: 8 Issue: 7 Pages: 1324-1329
IEEE Sensors Journal