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In this paper, different Hf-based oxides (HfO2, HfSiO under several annealing conditions, HfSiON, HfAlO with various compositions) are simultaneously considered as storage layers of charge-trap memories. Based on material characterization analyses, electrical data of memory cells, physical modeling of charge-trap devices, we show that a strict relationship exists between the crystal structure of the storage layer and the memory performances. The obtained results clearly demonstrate the high interest of HfO2 dielectric as possible storage layer of future NROM-like memory devices
Publication date: 
11 Dec 2006

J Buckley, M Bocquet, G Molas, M Gely, P Brianceau, N Rochat, E Martinez, F Martin, H Grampeix, JP Colonna, A Toffoli, V Vidal, C Leroux, G Ghibaudo, G Pananakakis, C Bongiorno, D Corso, S Lombardo, B DeSalvo, S Deleonibus

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Pages: 1-4
2006 International Electron Devices Meeting