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Following our work on Geiger-mode avalanche photodiode arrays, we have recently been dealing with the crosstalk issue in newly developed dense arrays with a minimum distance between pixel centers of 84 mum. In this paper, we present our crosstalk measurement approach, including the experimental setup and the offline calculation methods. Different characterizations of the crosstalk probability P CT versus capacitance have been performed to extrapolate the P CT when no measurement setup loads the pixels. We also present results regarding the crosstalk probability versus pixel distance and bias. Moreover, by adopting a slightly different approach, the probability density decay time has been measured to investigate about crosstalk origin.
Publication date: 
22 Feb 2008

Emilio Sciacca, G Condorelli, S Aurite, S Lombardo, M Mazzillo, D Sanfilippo, G Fallica, E Rimini

Biblio References: 
Volume: 29 Issue: 3 Pages: 218-220
IEEE electron device letters