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Calcium‐doped praseodymium manganite films (Pr0.7Ca0.3MnO3, PCMO) were prepared by metal‐organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) on SrTiO3 (001) and SrTiO3 (110) single‐crystal substrates. Structural characterization through X‐ray diffraction (XRD) measurements and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) analyses confirmed the formation of epitaxial PCMO phase films. Energy dispersive X‐ray (EDX) and X‐ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS) characterization was used to confirm lateral and vertical composition and the purity of the deposited films. Magnetic measurements, obtained in zero‐field‐cooling (ZFC) and field‐cooling (FC) modes, provided evidence of the presence of a ferromagnetic (FM) transition temperature, which was correlated to the transport properties of the film. The functional properties of the deposited films, combined with the structural and chemical characterization …
Publication date: 
1 Aug 2015

Maria R Catalano, Giuseppe Cucinotta, Emanuela Schilirò, Matteo Mannini, Andrea Caneschi, Raffaella Lo Nigro, Emanuele Smecca, Guglielmo G Condorelli, Graziella Malandrino

Biblio References: 
Volume: 4 Issue: 4 Pages: 523-532