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Neutrinoless double beta decay (0v\b {eta}\b {eta}) is considered the best potential resource to access the absolute neutrino mass scale. Moreover, if observed, it will signal that neutrinos are their own anti-particles (Majorana particles). Presently, this physics case is one of the most important research" beyond Standard Model" and might guide the way towards a Grand Unified Theory of fundamental interactions.Since the 0v\b {eta}\b {eta} decay process involves nuclei, its analysis necessarily implies nuclear structure issues. In the NURE project, supported by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council (ERC), nuclear reactions of double charge-exchange (DCE) are used as a tool to extract information on the 0v\b {eta}\b {eta} Nuclear Matrix Elements. In DCE reactions and\b {eta}\b {eta} decay indeed the initial and final nuclear states are the same and the transition operators have similar structure. Thus the measurement of the DCE absolute cross-sections can give crucial information on\b {eta}\b {eta} matrix elements. In a wider view, the NUMEN international collaboration plans a major upgrade of the INFN-LNS facilities in the next years in order to increase the experimental production of nuclei of at least two orders of magnitude, thus making feasible a systematic study of all the cases of interest as candidates for 0v\b {eta}\b {eta}.
Publication date: 
27 Jan 2020

M Cavallaro, F Cappuzzello, C Agodi, L Acosta, N Auerbach, J Bellone, R Bijker, D Bonanno, D Bongiovanni, T Borello-Lewin, I Boztosun, V Branchina, MP Bussa, S Calabrese, L Calabretta, A Calanna, D Calvo, D Carbone, ER Lomelí, A Coban, M Colonna, G d'Agostino, G De Geronimo, F Delaunay, N Deshmukh, PN De Faria, C Ferraresi, JL Ferreira, P Finocchiaro, M Fisichella, A Foti, G Gallo, U Garcia, G Giraudo, V Greco, A Hacisalihoglu, J Kotila, F Iazzi, R Introzzi, G Lanzalone, A Lavagno, F La Via, JA Lay, H Lenske, R Linares, G Litrico, F Longhitano, D Lo Presti, J Lubian, N Medina, DR Mendes, A Muoio, JRB Oliveira, A Pakou, L Pandola, H Petrascu, F Pinna, S Reito, D Rifuggiato, MRD Rodrigues, AD Russo, G Russo, G Santagati, E Santopinto, O Sgouros, SO Solakci, G Souliotis, V Soukeras, A Spatafora, D Torresi, S Tudisco, RIM Vsevolodovna, RJ Wheadon, A Yildirin, VAB Zagatto

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2001.09648