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The purpose of this paper is to present the main results of a project on European cloud registry of infrastructures and the development of an e-course for acquiring knowledge concerning cloud advantages. In order to create a harmonized virtual registry of infrastructures at European level, the research intends to develop procedures for the preparation and providing of maps and regulatory provisions as well as an effectiveness cloud smart registry. To test the efficacy and efficiency of the system, the project develops three pilots in Italy, Portugal and Romania characterized by the following two features: geographical coverage and type of utilities included. The integrated system will deliver to several end-users (public administrations, citizens and companies, especially operators working on infrastructures) numerous smart services leading to optimizing public spending, improving the coordination of operators and managers involved and reducing the environmental impact of the interventions.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2014

Nunzio Casalino, Marisa Ciarlo, Salvatore Lombardo

Biblio References: 
Pages: 758-767