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Two-dimensional materials may constitute key elements in the development of a sensing platform where extremely high sensitivity is required, since even minimal chemical interaction can generate appreciable changes in the electronic state of the material. In this work, we investigate the sensing performance of epitaxial graphene on Si-face 4H-SiC (EG/SiC) for liquid-phase detection of heavy metals (eg, Pb). The integration of preparatory steps needed for sample conditioning is included in the sensing platform, exploiting fast prototyping using a 3D printer, which allows direct fabrication of a microfluidic chip incorporating all the features required to connect and execute the Lab-on-chip (LOC) functions. It is demonstrated that interaction of Pb 2+ ions in water-based solutions with the EG enhances its conductivity exhibiting a Langmuir correlation between signal and Pb 2+ concentration. Several concentrations of Pb 2+ solutions ranging from 125 nM to 500 µM were analyzed showing good stability and reproducibility over time.
Publication date: 
1 Jan 2018

Maria Francesca Santangelo, Ivan Shtepliuk, Donatella Puglisi, Daniel Filippini, Rositsa Yakimova, Jens Eriksson

Biblio References: 
Volume: 2 Issue: 13 Pages: 982
Multidisciplinary Digital Publishing Institute Proceedings