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Neutrinoless double beta decay (0 {\nu}\b {eta}\b {eta}) is considered the best potential resource to determine the absolute neutrino mass scale. Moreover, if observed, it will signal that the total lepton number is not conserved and neutrinos are their own anti-particles. Presently, this physics case is one of the most important research beyond Standard Model and might guide the way towards a Grand Unified Theory of fundamental interactions. Since the\b {eta}\b {eta} decay process involves nuclei, its analysis necessarily implies nuclear structure issues. The 0 {\nu}\b {eta}\b {eta} decay rate can be expressed as a product of independent factors: the phase-space factors, the nuclear matrix elements (NME) and a function of the masses of the neutrino species. Thus the knowledge of the NME can give information on the neutrino mass scale, if the 0 {\nu}\b {eta}\b {eta} decay rate is measured. In the NURE project, supported by a Starting Grant of the European Research Council, nuclear reactions of double charge-exchange (DCE) will be used as a tool to extract information on the\b {eta}\b {eta} NME. In DCE reactions and\b {eta}\b {eta} decay, the initial and final nuclear states are the same and the transition operators have similar structure. Thus the measurement of the DCE absolute crosssections can give crucial information on\b {eta}\b {eta} matrix elements.
Publication date: 
27 Jan 2020

Manuela Cavallaro, E Aciksoz, L Acosta, C Agodi, N Auerbach, J Bellone, R Bijker, S Bianco, D Bonanno, D Bongiovanni, T Borello, I Boztosun, V Branchina, MP Bussa, L Busso, S Calabrese, L Calabretta, A Calanna, D Calvo, F Cappuzzello, D Carbone, ER Lomeli, M Colonna, GD Agostino, N Deshmuk, PN De Faria, C Ferraresi, JL Ferreira, P Finocchiaro, M Fisichella, A Foti, G Gallo, U Garcia, G Giraudo, V Greco, A Hacisalihoglu, J Kotila, F Iazzi, R Introzzi, G Lanzalone, A Lavagno, F La Via, JA Lay, H Lenske, R Linares, G Litrico, F Longhitano, D Lo Presti, J Lubian, N Medina, DR Mendes, A Muoio, JRB Oliveira, A Pakou, L Pandola, H Petrascu, F Pinna, F Pirri, S Reito, D Rifuggiato, MRD Rodrigues, AD Russo, G Russo, G Santagati, E Santopinto, O Sgouros, SO Solakci, G Souliotis, V Soukeras, D Torresi, S Tudisco, RIM Vsevolodovna, R Wheadon, VAB Zagatto

Biblio References: 
arXiv preprint arXiv:2002.02761