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Er/Yb doped fibers and amplifiers have been shown to be very radiation sensitive, limiting their integration in space. We present an approach including successive hardening techniques to enhance their radiation tolerance. The efficiency of our approach is demonstrated by comparing the radiation responses of optical amplifiers made with same lengths of different rare-earth doped fibers and exposed to gamma-rays. Previous studies indicated that such amplifiers suffered significant degradation for doses exceeding 10 krad. Applying our techniques significantly enhances the amplifier radiation resistance, resulting in a very limited degradation up to 50 krad. Our optimization techniques concern the fiber composition, some possible pre-treatments and the interest of simulation tools used to harden by design the amplifiers. We showed that adding cerium inside the fiber phosphosilicate-based core strongly decreases …
International Society for Optics and Photonics
Publication date: 
22 Feb 2012

Sylvain Girard, Marilena Vivona, Luciano Mescia, Arnaud Laurent, Youcef Ouerdane, Claude Marcandella, F Prudenzano, Aziz Boukenter, Thierry Robin, Benoît Cadier, Emmanuel Pinsard, Marco Cannas, Roberto Boscaino

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Volume: 8246 Pages: 82460Y
Free-Space Laser Communication Technologies XXIV