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The three years European project GaN4AP (GaN for Advanced Power Applications), funded in the framework of the EU call H2020-ECSEL-2020-1-IA-two-stage, started on June 1st, 2021.

GaN4AP links private companies, universities and public research centers working in the field of gallium nitride materials, devices and applications, in a Consortium composed by 36 partners from 6 different European countries.

The project aims at making GaN-based electronics one of the main technologies for active devices in all power conversion systems. A pervasive use of GaN electronics will allow the possibility of developing close-to-zero energy loss power electronic systems.

Four different innovation fields will be covered within the project:

(i) Power conversion systems based on state-of-the-art GaN-based HEMTs;

(ii) Novel AlScN materials for highly-current and high-power HEMTs;

(iii) New generation of vertical power devices based on bulk GaN;

(iv) Intelligent and integrated GaN solutions for E-Mobility power converters.

Within the project, CNR-IMM will be mainly involved in the advanced processing and characterization of bulk GaN materials and devices, contributing also in the study of novel AlScN/GaN heterostructures and reliability aspects of p-GaN gate HEMTs.

The development of new device technologies and innovative power circuits, employing the GaN-based devices will be a crucial factor for improving the competitiveness of European industries.

The project will be supported with the synergy of ECSEL JU and Italian Ministry of Economic Development.