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We exploit the capabilities of plasma to produce advanced materials for several applications, ranging from solar cells to advanced nanostructured materials to be integrated in state of the art devices. High-density plasmas are particularly suitable for low temperature applications on flexible and low cost substrates, being possible to deposit at temperature as low as 100°C layers with excellent electro-optical properties. The plasma technology is particularly appreciated for its compatibility with device production lines and its flexibility in terms of throughput. It is actually possible to prepare Si based and C based materials, eventually doped with P or B, like a-Si but also SiC and oxynitrides/oxycarbides SiOxNyCz. Most common applications of these materials are photovoltaic devices and thin film transistors on polymeric substrates. Nanocrystalline Si and oxynitrides are commonly used in photovoltaic and photonic devices.


Contact person: Giovanni Mannino