Friday, April 5, 2024
Dott. Giuseppe Nicotra - Dott.ssa Simona Boninelli

The Sub-Å laboratory 

Ten years have passed since the installation of Italy's first sub-Å electron microscope, located in the laboratory premises of the IMM-CNR headquarters. Thanks to Beyondnano upgrade funds, the expansion of the laboratory has now achieved a new leap forward with further major upgrades ranging from sample preparation, with the acquisition of an FIB and an ultramicrotome, to imaging with the acquisition of two new electron chambers ending the era of CCD-based chambers. New imaging techniques such as 4DSTEM and in situ analysis under multiple conditions were also introduced.

The PHOENIX@nano Lab, a further expansions of electron microscopy field brought by Beyondnano upgrade

“Post fata resurgo”: the PHOENIX@nano Lab (PHOtons and ElectroNs Investigation with X rays @nano) represent a further enhancement of the laboratory. PHOENIX@nano Lab was built in place of the historic JEOL TEM2010, the first large acquisition of IMM, dated late 80s. 
It consists in the installation of a JEOL JSM-IT800 Field Emission Scanning Electron Microscope (500nA-30 KeV), for imaging with SEM/STEM detectors, chemical analyses through x-Ray and optical with Cathodoluminescence. Moreover, it works also in a low vacuum (up to 300 Pa) for non-conductive and out-gassing materials.