Friday, June 9, 2023
Ing. Fabio Matera

The European Commission as already indicated that from 2030 all the road vehicles must go zero- emission, with no exception. Meanwhile, from ships to planes, all types of vehicle are going
toward the zero-emission operation, mostly using hydrogen as fuel. This scenario is one of the most important technology shifts since the industrial evolution, with a huge paradigm shift from
fossil fuels to non-polluting, environmentally friendly and sustainable fuels. While hydrogen, produced from electrolysis and renewable energy, is the fuel of the future, Polymer Electrolyte
Membrane Fuel Cells (PEMFC or PEFC) are the technology of choice in Europe for transportation. They have already demonstrated to be reliable and cost competitive, while performing better than battery in terms of specific energy and refueling time.
After a very brief introduction of the technology and its operation, the presentation will move to their actual applications and the implications over the markets and the impact on research, with
new technologies arising in order to solve the new challenges of hydrogen storage and transportation in a vehicle.