Friday, July 21, 2023
Dott. Corrado Spinella

On February 2022, the EC has proposed actions (worth several tens of billions of euros) to strengthen the EU semiconductor ecosystem (the "European Chips Act"), outlining the strategy and providing recommendations to Member States to enhance the EU role in semiconductors. Italy is interested in promoting its existing Beyond-Nano research infrastructure – and its future expansions – within the Chips Act’s framework.

The expansion will be in the form of a pilot line focused on beyond–silicon technologies, mainly based on wide–bandgap semiconductor. Italy has acquired over the past two decades deep knowledge in this field, which has in turn allowed EU’s IDMs to acquire a competitive edge in the silicon carbide markets. The Beyond–Nano infrastructure is presently focused on the development of new materials and technologies in the field of microelectronics, with emphasis to power and high–frequency electronics, and advanced photovoltaics. The future expansion plan will be illustrated and discussed in the context of the European Chips Act.