Friday, October 28, 2022
Dott.ssa Viviana Scuderi

3C-SiC is studied for its properties and in particular for the possibility of using it for high power devices, in break down regions below 800V. The key feature of the material is its low temperature stability, which allows it to grow below the melting temperatures of silicon. This has the advantage to make heteroepitaxial growths and therefore have low production costs and large growth areas.

The CHALLENGE project was mainly focused on the development of new growth processes through compliant substrates, the development of new CVD processes, bulk processes, and therefore the realization of devices. All supported by an intense simulation work.

This presentation will be the occasion to show and discuss the results obtained regarding the development of new CVD growth processes and the possibility of controlling (and reducing) the density of the major types of defects present in 3C-SiC films.