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In this paper nanocrystals memories program curves are shown and their saturation points (steady state condition) can be observed. We present a model that relates the voltage shift at the steady state (Δ V T ss) to the gate program voltage (V G). Starting from a good agreement between experimental data and simulations for nanocrystals memory cells with a conventional dielectric structure (SiO 2), we present the estimated values of the Δ V T ss vs V G for different control stacks. Our investigation shows an improvement if a material with a high dielectric constant and a small conduction band-offset with respect to the SiO 2, is placed between two SiO 2 layers when the first of them is very thin.
Publication date: 
1 May 2005

E Spitale, D Corso, Isodiana Crupi, Salvatore Lombardo, Cosimo Gerardi

Biblio References: 
Volume: 45 Issue: 5-6 Pages: 895-898
Microelectronics Reliability