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Precise measurements of the energy spectra and of the composition of cosmic rays in the PeV region could improve our knowledge regarding their origin, acceleration mechanism, propagation, and composition. At the present time, spectral measurements in this region are mainly derived from data collected by ground-based detectors, because of the very low particle rates at these energies. Unfortunately, these results are affected by the high uncertainties typical of indirect measurements, which depend on the complicated modeling of the interaction of the primary particle with the atmosphere. A space experiment dedicated to measurements in this energy region has to achieve a balance between the requirements of lightness and compactness, with that of a large acceptance to cope with the low particle rates. CaloCube is a four-year-old R&D project, approved and financed by the Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) in 2014, aiming to optimize the design of a space-borne calorimeter. The large acceptance needed is obtained by maximizing the number of entrance windows, while thanks to its homogeneity and high segmentation this new detector achieves an excellent energy resolution and an enhanced separation power between hadrons and electrons. In order to optimize detector performances with respect to the total mass of the apparatus, comparative studies on different scintillating materials, different sizes of crystals, and different spacings among them have been performed making use of MonteCarlo simulations. In parallel to simulations studies, several prototypes instrumented with CsI (Tl)(Caesium Iodide, Tallium doped) cubic …
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1 Mar 2019

Gabriele Bigongiari, Oscar Adriani, Sebastiano Albergo, Giovanni Ambrosi, Lucrezia Auditore, Andrea Basti, Eugenio Berti, Lorenzo Bonechi, Simone Bonechi, Massimo Bongi, Valter Bonvicini, Sergio Bottai, Paolo Brogi, Gigi Cappello, Paolo Walter Cattaneo, Raffaello D’Alessandro, Sebastiano Detti, Matteo Duranti, Mauro Fasoli, Noemi Finetti, Valerio Formato, Maria Ionica, Antonio Italiano, Piergiulio Lenzi, Paolo Maestro, Pier Simone Marrocchesi, Nicola Mori, Giulio Orzan, Miriam Olmi, Lorenzo Pacini, Paolo Papini, Maria Grazia Pellegriti, Andrea Rappoldi, Sergio Bruno Ricciarini, Antonella Sciuto, Gianluigi Silvestre, Oleksandr Starodubtsev, Francesco Stolzi, Jung Eun Suh, Arta Sulaj, Alessio Tiberio, Alessia Tricomi, Antonio Trifirò, Marina Trimarchi, Elena Vannuccini, Anna Vedda, Gianluigi Zampa, Nicola Zampa

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Volume: 5 Issue: 3 Pages: 72