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We propose a solid state-based spectroscopy compact apparatus for monitoring environmental SO 2 , particularly suitable, for example, for volcanic applications. A prototype system, with a 170-mm long optical path, was assembled and tested using a commercial LED operating at 285 nm and a large area silicon carbide. The laboratory tests were carried out using calibrated quartz cuvettes containing SO 2 at fixed concentrations and standard SO 2 gas with 20% of O 2 and complemented with N 2 dry gas to fill the optical system chamber. Optical signal attenuations in the chemically interactive chamber follow the Beer-Lambert-Bouguer law in all the performed tests and a 0.16 ppm/pA nominal chemical resolution and ± 0.8 ppm concentration error were obtained from the experimental data for the current prototype.
Publication date: 
25 Apr 2019

Gaetano Giudice, Antonella Sciuto, Alessandro Meli, Giuseppe D’Arrigo, D Longo

Biblio References: 
Volume: 19 Issue: 16 Pages: 7089-7094
IEEE Sensors Journal