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Catania, August 31st, 2017


The three years European project WInSiC4AP (Wide band gap Innovative SiC for Advanced Power), funded in the framework of the EU call H2020-ECSEL-2016-1-RIA, started on June 1st, 2017.

WInSiC4AP kick-off meeting  (Bruxelles, June 26th, 2017)                     

WInSiC4AP links private companies, universities and public research centers working in the field of wide bandgap semiconductors and applications, in a Consortium composed by 20 partners from 4 different countries.

The project aims to contribute in developing reliable technology bricks for energy efficient applications in strategic fields, like automotive, avionics, railway and defence. The final outcome will be the design and the demonstration of enhanced SiC components for automotive, railway and avionic qualification driven by several applications: on-board battery chargers and DC-DC converters for HEVs, intelligent power converters of railway applications, inverters for avionics and aerospace applications, etc. The achievement of the final objectives will be guaranteed by a variety of research activities focusing on several technological aspects, e.g., innovative processing and components (gate oxides, contacts, passive components, interconnection technologies, etc.), reliability and failure modeling analyses, advanced packaging and bonding options, up to the design methodologies for high efficiency applications.

In this framework, CNR-IMM will be involved in processing development, advanced characterization and modeling activities (studies on SiO2/SiC interfaces, development of alternative dielectrics, Ohmic metallizations, simulations of MOS interface and related devices, etc.)

The project will be supported with the synergy of ECSEL JU and ESI funding, thus enabling complementary activities of the involved partners with relevant economic and social impact in their respective countries.