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Integration of nanostructured catalysts in electrochemical systems for green fuels or electricity production

The realization of electrochemical cells for the synthesis of green fuels, such as hydrogen, by water splitting, or ammonia by reaction of nitrogen gas with water or green hydrogen, represents an...

Green Ammonia Cycle: EU H2020-Project TELEGRAM aiming for efficient electrochemical technologies

Ammonia is one of the most important chemicals but its production requires an energy intensive process, responsible for about 1-2% of total CO2 emissions worldwide. Ammonia is...

Technical paper on Perovskite Solar Cells: IMM researchers in the team
Perovskite Solar Cells: A new paradigm in Photovoltaics

By Louis Huber; Dr. Alessandra Alberti; Dr. Ioannis Deretzis; Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nazeeruddin

published in www.pv-tech.org

Tomo-Image by Synchrotron Radiation of an advanced TiO2/Perovskite blend for Photovoltaics

3D-Reconstuction of the TiO2-Gig-Lox/MAPbI3 blend by Coherent X-ray Diffraction Imaging (CXDI) taken at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facilities (ESRF) of Grenoble

FREE Download of the...

Review paper on Hybrid Perovskites for Photovoltaics (FREE DOWNLOAD)

We are pleased to inform you that
our research group on Perovskites at CNR-IMM in Catania HQ has recently reviewed some main issues
on the stability of Hybrid Perovskites applied to...

A step forward on the knowledge of defects aggregation and phase change in photoactive hybrid perovskites


Just published in Nature Communications

You can find the full paper @ https://rdcu.be/bCGpJ


Micro/Nano Fabrication at Catania HQ

The class 10 (ISO 4) clean room area (100 m2) at IMM HQ is equipped with micro- and nanofabrication facilities, employed to develop new and/or unconventional processes and to fabricate device...

Synthesis of Advanced Materials - Catania HQ

The synthesis of advanced materials at IMM-HQ has represented the historical core expertise of the Institute Headquarters. It currently avails of the experience of 8 complementary and strongly...

Plasmonic/catalytic nanostructures for photo-electrochemical Water Splitting

At IMM-CNR Catania we use the plasmonic properties of noble metal nanoparticles (Au or Pt) to improve the photo-electro catalytic activity of n-type 3C-SiC/p-type Si heterojunction solar cells, to...

Theory, numerical simulation and modelling at Catania HQ

The theoretical-computational activity at Catania HQ aims at bridging the gap between the atomic and quantum phenomena that rule interactions and processes at the nanoscale with the macroscopic...