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Martina Ussia obtained her PhD in Materials Science and Nanotechnology in Catania. Then she joined as Senior Scientist the Future Energy & Innovation Lab at the Central European Institute of Technology in Czech Republic for two years. Since 2022 she is a Researcher at CNR‐IMM in Catania (Italy), leading a project funded with 150KEUR by European Community for Young Researcher who obtained Seal of Excellence within MSCA call. Her current research is focused on the formulation of micro‐ and nanorobots for water purification applications.

Scientific Productions

Mario Urso, Martina Ussia, Xia Peng, Cagatay M Oral, Martin Pumera

Reconfigurable self-assembly of photocatalytic magnetic microrobots for water purification

Nature communications [Nature Publishing Group UK], Volume: 14 Issue: 1 Pages: 6969

Martina Ussia, Mario Urso, Monika Kratochvilova, Jiri Navratil, Jan Balvan, Carmen C Mayorga‐Martinez, Jan Vyskocil, Michal Masarik, Martin Pumera

Magnetically Driven Self‐Degrading Zinc‐Containing Cystine Microrobots for Treatment of Prostate Cancer

Small [], Volume: 19 Issue: 17 Pages: 2208259

Cagatay M Oral, Martina Ussia, Mario Urso, Jiri Salat, Adam Novobilsky, Michal Stefanik, Daniel Ruzek, Martin Pumera

Radiopaque nanorobots as magnetically navigable contrast agents for localized in vivo imaging of the gastrointestinal tract

Advanced Healthcare Materials [], Volume: 12 Issue: 8 Pages: 2202682

Cagatay M Oral, Martina Ussia, Martin Pumera

Hybrid enzymatic/Photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics via morphologically programmable light‐driven ZnO microrobots

Small [], Volume: 18 Issue: 39 Pages: 2202600

Mario Urso, Martina Ussia, Filip Novotný, Martin Pumera

Trapping and detecting nanoplastics by MXene-derived oxide microrobots

Nature communications [Nature Publishing Group UK], Volume: 13 Issue: 1 Pages: 3573

Martina Ussia, Mario Urso, Stepan Kment, Tatiana Fialova, Karel Klima, Kristyna Dolezelikova, Martin Pumera

Light‐Propelled Nanorobots for Facial Titanium Implants Biofilms Removal

Small [], Volume: 18 Issue: 22 Pages: 2200708

Xia Peng, Mario Urso, Martina Ussia, Martin Pumera

Shape-controlled self-assembly of light-powered microrobots into ordered microchains for cells transport and water remediation

ACS nano [American Chemical Society], Volume: 16 Issue: 5 Pages: 7615-7625

Martina Ussia, Martin Pumera

rsc. li/chem-soc-rev

Chem. Soc. Rev [], Volume: 51 Pages: 1558

Cagatay M Oral, Martina Ussia, Derya Kapusuz Yavuz, Martin Pumera

Shape Engineering of TiO2 Microrobots for “On‐the‐Fly” Optical Brake

Small [], Volume: 18 Issue: 10 Pages: 2106271

Jan Tesař, Martina Ussia, Osamah Alduhaish, Martin Pumera

Autonomous self-propelled MnO2 micromotors for hormones removal and degradation

Applied Materials Today [Elsevier], Volume: 26 Pages: 101312

Cagatay M Oral, Martina Ussia, Martin Pumera

Self-Propelled Activated Carbon Micromotors for “On-the-Fly” Capture of Nitroaromatic Explosives

The Journal of Physical Chemistry C [American Chemical Society], Volume: 125 Issue: 32 Pages: 18040-18045

Martina Ussia, Mario Urso, Kristyna Dolezelikova, Hana Michalkova, Vojtech Adam, Martin Pumera

Active Light‐Powered Antibiofilm ZnO Micromotors with Chemically Programmable Properties

Advanced Functional Materials [], Volume: 31 Issue: 27 Pages: 2101178

Mario Urso, Martina Ussia, Martin Pumera

Breaking polymer chains with self‐propelled light‐controlled navigable hematite microrobots

Advanced Functional Materials [], Volume: 31 Issue: 28 Pages: 2101510

Daniela Zampino, Monique Mancuso, Renata Zaccone, Tiziana Ferreri, Assunta Borzacchiello, Stefania Zeppetelli, Sandro Dattilo, Martina Ussia, Loredana Ferreri, Domenico C Carbone, Giuseppe Recca, Concetto Puglisi

Thermo-mechanical, antimicrobial and biocompatible properties of PVC blends based on imidazolium ionic liquids

Materials Science and Engineering: C [Elsevier], Volume: 122 Pages: 111920

Daniela Zampino, Sonia Pedotti, Martina Ussia, Sandro Dattilo, Monique Mancuso, Renata Zaccone, Angela Patti

Preparation, characterization, and antimicrobial activity of ferrocene‐containing polymeric materials

Journal of Applied Polymer Science [John Wiley & Sons, Inc.], Volume: 138 Issue: 7 Pages: 49852

Tommaso Mecca, Martina Ussia, Daniele Caretti, Francesca Cunsolo, Sandro Dattilo, Stefano Scurti, Vittorio Privitera, Sabrina C Carroccio

N-methyl-D-glucamine based cryogels as reusable sponges to enhance heavy metals removal from water

Chemical Engineering Journal [Elsevier], Volume: 399 Pages: 125753

Gabriele Clarizia, Paola Bernardo, Sabrina C Carroccio, Martina Ussia, Cristina Restuccia, Lucia Parafati, Anna Calarco, Daniela Zampino

Heterogenized Imidazolium-Based Ionic Liquids in Pebax®Rnew. Thermal, Gas Transport and Antimicrobial Properties

Polymers [MDPI], Volume: 12 Issue: 6 Pages: 1419

Martina Ussia, Giusy Curcuruto, Daniela Zampino, Nadka Tzankova Dintcheva, Giovanni Filippone, Raniero Mendichi, Sabrina Carola Carroccio

Role of organo-modifier and metal impurities of commercial nanoclays in the photo-and thermo-oxidation of polyamide 11 nanocomposites

Polymers [MDPI], Volume: 12 Issue: 5 Pages: 1034

Martina Ussia, Francesco Ruffino, Elena Bruno, Emanuela Spina, Irene Conticello, Vittorio Privitera, Sabrina Carola Carroccio

The role of solvent on the formulation of graphene/polyporphyrin hybrid material versus photocatalytic activity

Polymer Bulletin [Springer Berlin Heidelberg], Volume: 77 Pages: 2073-2087

Martina Ussia, Mario Urso, Maria Miritello, Elena Bruno, Giusy Curcuruto, Daniele Vitalini, Guglielmo G Condorelli, Maria Cantarella, Vittorio Privitera, Sabrina C Carroccio

Hybrid nickel-free graphene/porphyrin rings for photodegradation of emerging pollutants in water

RSC advances [Royal Society of Chemistry], Volume: 9 Issue: 52 Pages: 30182-30194

Martina Ussia, Alessandro Di Mauro, Tommaso Mecca, Francesca Cunsolo, Giuseppe Nicotra, Corrado Spinella, Pierfrancesco Cerruti, Giuliana Impellizzeri, Vittorio Privitera, Sabrina C Carroccio

ZnO-pHEMA Nanocomposites: an Eco-friendly and Reusable Material for Water Remediation

ACS applied materials & interfaces [American Chemical Society], Volume: 10 Issue: 46 Pages: 40100-40110

Giuliana Gorrasi, Valeria Bugatti, Martina Ussia, Raniero Mendichi, Daniela Zampino, Concetto Puglisi, Sabrina Carola Carroccio

Halloysite nanotubes and thymol as photo protectors of biobased polyamide 11

Polymer Degradation and Stability [Elsevier], Volume: 152 Pages: 43-51

Martina Ussia, Elena Bruno, Emanuela Spina, Daniele Vitalini, Giovanna Pellegrino, Francesco Ruffino, Vittorio Privitera, Sabrina C Carroccio

Freestanding photocatalytic materials based on 3D graphene and polyporphyrins

Scientific Reports [Nature Publishing Group UK], Volume: 8 Issue: 1 Pages: 5001

Sonia Pedotti, Martina Ussia, Angela Patti, Nicolò Musso, Vincenza Barresi, Daniele Filippo Condorelli

Synthesis of the ferrocenyl analogue of clotrimazole drug

Journal of Organometallic Chemistry [Elsevier], Volume: 830 Pages: 56-61

Tommaso Mecca, Francesca Cunsolo, Daniele Caretti, Stefano Scurti, Martina Ussia, Carroccio Sabrina

New glucamine based highly porous polymers for the adsorption of arsenic from water

Conference proceedings of chemistry meets industry and society [], Pages: 315-315